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CIS Apple OS Benchmark - Center for Internet Security

Jeff Allen|16 days ago
CIS has worked with the community since 2009 to publish a benchmark for Apple OS Join the Apple OS community Other CIS Benchmark versions: For Apple OS (CIS Apple OSX 10.9 Benchmark version 1.3.0) Complete CIS Benchmark Archive

Post macOS/OS X Geekbench Benchmarks | tonymacx86.com

Kenneth Hall|1 days ago
9/1/2018 · Post your system's benchmarks on OS X using Geekbench. 10.13 High Sierra results start here. Geekbench is Primate Labs' cross-platform processor benchmark, with a new scoring system that separates single-core and multi-core performance, and new workloads that simulate real-world scenarios.

Geekbench 5 - Cross-Platform Benchmark

Jason Hernandez|23 days ago
Introducing Geekbench 5. Geekbench 5 is a cross-platform benchmark that measures your system's performance with the press of a button. How will your mobile device or desktop computer perform when push comes to crunch?

macOS Server - Apple

Michael Thompson|10 days ago
Buy OS X Server. Just like that, your Mac is a powerful server. macOS Server brings even more power to your business, home office, or school. Designed to work with macOS and iOS, macOS Server makes it easy to configure Mac and iOS devices. It’s also remarkably simple to install, set up, and manage. ...

Apple OS X Yosemite - Full Review and Benchmarks

Donald Parker|17 days ago
10/16/2014 · With this week's release of OS X 10.10 Yosemite -- available for free from Apple's Mac App Store starting tomorrow (Oct. 16) -- the company has taken a similar visual approach with its desktop ...

Windows 8.1 vs OS X Mavericks: Which OS is Best?

Jason Parker|4 days ago
7/12/2013 · The war between Windows and Mac has reached a new phase with Windows 8.1 and OS X Mavericks. While you could call the new Windows a course correction- …

Mac OS X 10.5 vs. Ubuntu 8.10 Benchmarks - Phoronix

David Edwards|26 days ago
Moving past the graphics benchmarks, the results from the audio and video encoding benchmarks were much closer between Mac OS X and Ubuntu Linux. With MP3 encoding using LAME, Ubuntu 8.10 x86 was less than 4% slower than Mac OS X 10.5.5, but the x86_64 spin of Ubuntu 8.10 ended up being about 10% faster than Mac OS X.

Download Geekbench - Mac Version. Free Latest Geekbench ...

Donald King|26 days ago
Download Latest version of Geekbench for Mac OS X. When we buy a Mac or when we want to be sure that all components of our system are working in good conditions we usually use programs to perform benchmarks br br Geekbench is a multiplatform benchmarking application to do performance tests to the memory and processor br br One of the outstanding features offered by this program is the one that ...

GPU benchmarks: GeForce GTX 680 vs. Radeon RX 580 ...

James Moore|26 days ago
8/2/2019 · Metal performance improves with each OS version. The Radeon GPU is slightly faster in OpenGL; The Radeon GPU is significantly (2x) faster in OpenCL and Metal; Mac Pro 5,1 Intel Xeon CPU X5690 12 Cores, 24 Threads @ 3.46 GHz 48 GB 1333 MHz DDR3 NVIDIA GeForce GTX 680 Mac Edition (2 GB) OS X 10.12.6 + Apple driver. Cinebench CPU = 1527 cb

Early Benchmarks Of Mac OS X 10.7 Lion - Phoronix

Charles Harris|13 days ago
In fact, there are tons of Mac OS X 10.6 benchmarks on OpenBenchmarking.org considering that this unique web platform just launched last weekend. Now it is time to provide a first-look at the Mac OS X 10.7 operating system performance based upon last week's developer preview.